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Classical Yoga

The benefits of yoga on all levels of the being are limitless for relaxing and strengthening the body whilst developing an aware yet calm mind.

Yoga meaning union, is a true path of learning and growth which taken into every day life, can help to release and prevent stress, unblock emotions, maintain optimal health, along with the numerous benefits from each and every posture and breathing techniques.

An active and insightful yoga class of Postures (asana), Pranayama (breath control), Relaxation and Meditation (dhyana), and Kriya techniques are thoroughly taught.

Nicola Phoenix teaches Hatha Yoga in the Classical Style, on a Monday from 7:30pm to 9pm, the class is ideal for all levels.

Fee and Booking
Classes cost £30 for the 4 weeks (£7.50 per class) or £9 drop in; call Nicola before coming to your first class.
Nicola also offers private one to one sessions.

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