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Yoga and Movement Studio

The Haelan Centre's Yoga and Movement Studio is located above the shop as part of the Haelan Clinic. The space has a lovely cosy, homely feel to it - and we have a great view of the Clocktower!

Due to the space, class sizes are limited to a maximum of eight students which means that the teachers can make sure you are practicing safely and effectively. This also means you must contact the teacher BEFORE coming to your first class, to check there is space.

The classes at the Centre are suitable for everyone, including those with general stiffness, ailments or injuries which may limit the natural range of movement.

The classes are also suitable for intermediate or advanced students who would like to explore their yoga or movement practice more deeply - many students comment that at the Haelan Studio you get a one to one private class experience, for a drop-in price!

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