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Pregnancy Yoga with Anna Chapman

These classes focus on correct alignment to avoid injury and breathing techniques to encourage the release of tension from the body and mind. Practising yoga in this way promotes good health and relieves stress.

Many women find that practising yoga during pregnancy can relieve pain and contribute to a more enjoyable birth. Ante-natal yoga can treat common ailments including swollen joints, heartburn and backache as well as promoting restful sleep and getting your baby into the optimal fetal position. It’s a great start in life for your child.

Classes are small (8 students max) offering a chance for individual needs to be addressed.
Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy through to birth – all levels welcome including beginners.

Booking is required

£10 drop in. £40 for 5 classes in advance.
Please phone or email to check availability

Please ring or email Anna for more information and booking. See www.annayoga.net for more information.


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