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Zen Yoga by Lisa-Marie Cresswell

Zen is concerned with finding your own truth and expressing that, and on that journey your body and your experience is your wisest guide.
Zen yoga practice, postures and movements are used to bring the body into focus so that we can notice any tightnesses or restrictions. The student is then directed to bring their non-judgemental attention and kindness to these blocked or closed areas, and it's this simple awareness that causes our body, mind and heart to open.
During this process 3 themes are integrated:
Physical alignment
How you are in your physical body affects how you are in your mind.
Energy and consciousness are inextricably linked – when we change our energy, we
change our consciousness and vice versa.
Awareness or mindfulness
The Buddha is recorded as saying, “There is one thing that leads to happiness in the present and liberation in the future; and what is this one thing? It is mindfulness of the body.”
By coming face to face with our unhappiness and reactivity we find happiness and liberation. When we combine physical alignment, energy and awareness we are aligning body, mind and heart in the moment and this can have powerful effects in our life both on the mat and out in the wider community.

Wednesday mornings 11am-12:15pm (starting from July 18th)
£12 drop in, £50 for 5 sessions (valid for 6 weeks)
First class £6
Lisa-Marie is offering private 1:1 sessions as well as classes in the Studio.
For further information contact Lisa-Marie directly by telephone or email. 07846 942 565
email: info@innerbalance.me.uk
website: www.innerbalance.me.uk

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