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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Classes with Mel Softley

Scaravelli inspired yoga is an integrative practice that releases tension by bringing the body back together again at its centre or core.

This centering or drawing inwards awakens the spine and allows movement to arise from a deeper, intuitive place without the need to strain or force. This gives you the feeling of wholeness and a responsive and alert presence.

In this practice there is the need to pay attention to subtle awarenesses in the body and this is a form of meditation or mindfulness in itself.

In these classes there is a lot of hands-on guidance to allow your body to feel rather than think about where it can release or move and allows the body to connect with its own intelligence. Visit www.yogasoftley.com for more information

Mel Softley teaches Scaravelli Inspired Yoga at the Haelan Centre.
See Timetable for times and days of the classes.

Fees for Yoga are:
£11 per class for block booking
£13 drop-in rate.

Mel teaches one-to-one sessions at the Haelan Centre, £55 for one hour.
Please ring the teacher before attending your first class

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