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Meditation with Sound

Bob Mann is a fully qualified teacher with over 30 year’s experience in education. He has trained in a variety of different meditative practices for over 20 years. This experience allows him to tailor his practice to the needs and requirements of his students, whether mindfulness, breath or sound work. Bob has led eight weekend retreats at The Friars, an ancient monastery in the Kent countryside.
Meditation using sound techniques originates in the ancient teachings of the Veda and the Upanishads, forming some of the greatest philosophical statements. Meditation with Sound is a practice which uses the resonance of the human voice to gently move towards meditative awareness in silence. Bob has particular experience in adapting this teaching to suit the many of us who may suffer stress and tension in our daily lives.
Bob structures his Group Workshops with careful guidance with the view to respond fully to the needs of students. With this in mind, Group Workshops tend to move through three stages, with the first focusing on clearing and relaxing using breath, the second focusing on simple sanskrit sounds and the final developing meditative awareness through the more powerful techniques of sounding mantra in sanskrit. The sanskrit is sounded in plain chant and not sung. All that is needed is the simple use of the human voice. The workshops are non-religious and do not depend on ritual. Students sit on chairs and there is no requirement for special clothing. No previous experience or expertise in meditation, sanskrit or music is needed.

Bob teaches Meditation with Sound Group Workshops in the Upper Studio on Saturdays 2pm to 3.30pm.

Ring Bob on 07980 905 491 for more information or to book a class or appointment. You can also email meditationwithsound@icloud.com
Group Workshops for 90 minutes cost £10 per session.
For further information on workshops and retreats please visit: www.meditationwithsound.com


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