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Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga is a nurturing and subtle way of practicing hatha yoga that helps you to listen to and reconnect with your body. We encourge students to explore and move into yoga poses gently and according to their own inner awareness. Working with a variety of yoga techniques, including postures, breath work and meditation, we guide you to work deeply, helping you to identify and release any blocked energy.

We have particular experience of adapting postures to suit the many of us who, due to modern lifestyles or specific injuries are not so flexible in the hips, may have tight hamstrings, stiff shoulders or lower back problems.

Where appropriate, we make use of yoga props so that you are comfortable in each posture whilst still gaining maximum benefit from the pose. This means that the classes are suitable for everyone.

I particularly like…that there is no sense of competition, or pushing - one does as much or as little as one can, without feeling that anyone is judging.” - Inner Yoga Student

Mel Softley and Julia Moore teach Inner Yoga at the Haelan Centre.
See Timetable for times and days of the classes.

Please contact the teacher before attending your first class

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