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Hypnobirthing - The Mongan Method

Give yourself and your baby this wonderful gift of relaxed, comfortable and stress-free birthing with this tried and tested programme of self-hypnosis, relaxation and childbirth education. You will be amazed when you watch videos of Hypnobirthing mothers which show them remaining relaxed and alert whilst birthing their babies in a gentle, calm manner. See www.youtube.com/user/HypnobirthingVideos also for more information see www.devabliss.co.uk

Hypnobirthing is for both you and your birthing companion. It is based on the belief that your baby can come into the world in an atmosphere of calm and joy and that birthing does not need to be an experience of pain or severe discomfort.

Hypnobirthing is also a philosophy that recognizes that birthing is a natural process which enables you to access your natural birthing instincts. This is achieved through a state of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and visualisation - so that your birthing muscles are free of tension and can function as nature intended.

The program teaches a variety of approaches including massage and breathing techniques that help reduce fear and create a more enjoyable birthing experience it also includes:

  • Understanding the connection between the mind and body
  • Releasing negative beliefs and fears around birthing
  • Positive tools to birth your baby using specific breathing techniques, self-hypnosis and deep relaxation which help decrease the need for chemical anaesthesia
  • Learning how your body functions during childbirth and labour
  • Birthing companion is prepared to support you during your pregnancy, labour and birth
  • How both parents can bond with their new baby

You can begin from about the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy. The earlier the better, so that the daily relaxation can be practised as much as possible for maximum benefit.

Please contact Deva to register on a course, courses run throughout the year.

Deva Priya runs hypnobirthing Workshops at the Haelan Centre. Please email her at blissfulbirthinguk@gmail.com for a booking form. You can speak to Deva Priya on 07905 670 299 or 020 7354 2450
There is more information about Hypnobirthing at Deva Priya's website: www.devabliss.co.uk

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