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Gentle Somatic Yoga with Mel Softley

YogaSoftley - Gentle Somatic Yoga - Wednesdays 11.30am

This gentle somatic yoga class is ideal for those who need to maintain and improve functional movement or for those who want to deepen meditation through slow body movement and awareness.

Practices are a fusion of gentle yoga and Kum Nye (Tibetan meditative yoga- quite like gentle tai chi), and somatic practices such as Hanna Somatics, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering and Embodied Anatomy. Some restorative, breathing and meditation practices are also offered

The gentle and adapted movement and awareness practices make this class ideal for those who have motor function or balance concerns (eg hip and knee, shoulder rehabilitation, autoimmune conditions etc), or for those who like integrative slow body movement. Those with energy issues or who specifically want to work on the nervous system are best coming to the Restorative class on Monday as this Yoga and Somatics class includes some standing and strength work.

Contact Mel 07815 624 368 melsoftley@blueyonder.co.uk www.yogasoftley.com

Fees for Gentle Somatic Yoga are:
Cost £14 drop-in, £11.50 per term
Concessionary rates are available.

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