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Birth Preparation Workshops with Kate Hayes

Topics covered will include:

  • physiological process of labour, including the function of the uterus, the mechanics of the pelvis, and the crucial role of the hormonal systems;
  • role of the baby in initiating labour and participating in labour and birth;
  • benefits of undisturbed birth for both mum & baby;
  • factors which can inhibit labour, and how best to support it;
  • yoga practices including movement, pranayama (breathing practices), touch, visualisation and meditation to help manage or indeed transform pain and to enable you to awaken your innate reflexes and instinctive capacity to give birth;
  • active birth principles and practices and how these can ease labour, help re-establish a stalled labour, or even to slow it down if its going to fast; 
  • positions a woman might intuitively adopt during both labour and delivery, and how birth partners can best support these;
  • benefits of a physiological (natural/unmanaged) 3rd stage, for both mother and baby;
  • consideration of choices with regard to place of birth and care provider, and the effect these can have on birth experiences;
  • an exploration of the medical procedures which you may choose or require during your labour, including an understanding of risks and benefits of each, and a framework to help you make informed decisions for you and your baby based on your own individual circumstances;
  • tips for how you can apply active birth principles and enjoy many of the benefits of a physiological birth, in the context of medically managed birth scenarios such as induction, epidural pain relief, and cesarean birth.
  • guidance for birth partners so that they will know what to expect and feel empowered and confident to support you through your labour.  

The sessions will be participatory and experiential so that you will have a personal embodied understanding of the practices and principles to help support you in your labour in any context. It is my aim that you will approach the birth of your baby (babies) with confidence in the magnificent and instinctive power of the birthing body and the skills to work with your body, thus reducing the need for medical intervention. You will also gain an appreciation of how to use the principles of active birth in combination with medical support should you choose or require it, so that you and your baby can enjoy the gentlest and most positive birth experience possible.

You will receive written material on the topics discussed in the workshop together with further references and resources to support you on your individual journey.

The workshops are 6 hours in duration, in 2 parts - held in the upper studio at the Haelan Centre.

4-7pm on Sat 5th and 1pm-4pm on Sun 6th November, 2016, at the Haelan Centre.
£170 per couple/pair. Maximum of 10 participants (5 pairs). Early bird £155 before 22 Oct.

For further information or to book a place contact Kate on 0770 479 0152 or kate@liveyouryoga.co.uk


Testimonials from previous participants

"We really enjoyed the workshop. It was a good balance of information and practical hands-on learning of positions and breathing examples. Info presented felt very relevant, tailored to what the group had questions about but balanced and well researched. Even though I have read a fair amount I still learnt some new things and it was particularly useful for my husband. He enjoyed your sense of humour and the fact that he went along so easily with the breathing exercises and we even got him on the yoga mat is fantastic.
Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone expecting a baby."
Morag & Terry

"As a first time father to be, my partner asked me to attend Kate's class as part of 'our preparation' for the upcoming challenges of giving birth. I was really worried that I had to sacrifice important weekend football and beer time for what I presumed to be a yogic breathing quasi religious chanting event surrounded by josticks. How wrong was I? Almost totally. Kate's class was very interesting, incredibly informative, perfectly logical and reasoned and dare I say it, quite enjoyable. Its a small class, quite intimate, and very open. Usually in such environments I tend to be totally cynical and spend most of my time making poor jokes to pass the time. In contrast, Kate's class was perfectly well aimed, 
enabling me to engage and learn about what to expect. Aside from my partner's growing belly, this class helped me realise that this pregnancy stuff is actually happening, and cannot be stopped or paused as I try to catch up. 
After the class I have gone from knowing next to nothing to feeling confident that everything will be ok. Although I now think I can get away with not reading any of the books I now actually want to read one. Do it. It is perhaps the easiest and most pleasant way to kickstart the process of being a dad. All summed up very nicely in two manageable sessions on a weekend, with tea and biscuits included."

"I attended Kate's two day preparation for birth workshop with my partner and found it incredibly useful and reassuring. I have been feeling quite anxious about giving birth but the information and tips Kate gave us in the workshop made me feel a lot more calm and prepared! I work in health information and I'm very keen on knowing the medical evidence base for things, I was really impressed by Kate's knowledge of the up-to-date scientific evidence about different aspects of birth.  This wasn't presented in an overwhelming or 'technical' way and  was combined with really helpful practical tips and exercises about breathing, yoga, massage and ways to tap into the body's natural resources for giving birth. It's made me feel a lot more confident about the different choices I have for giving birth. I thoroughly recommend this workshop - particularly for first time mums like me!"



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