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The Haelan Clinic Therapies

The Haelan Clinic offers a wide range of complementary therapies practised by around forty fully qualified practitioners. Many of our Practitioners have been in practice for over ten, twenty or more years, many teach or lecture and are well known in their field of work. It is our aim, however, to offer you the opportunity to benefit from the wonderful healing dispciplines that we offer for a reasonable price, bearing in mind the practitioner's investment in ongoing training and additional work and research on your individual case.

There is a separate outside entrance to the clinic in Crouch Hall Road, by which the Clinic rooms are accessed. Please find out what room you are in so you know what bell to ring at the Clinic entrance, prior to your treatment. To find out how to get to our Clinic see the Contact Page.


Below are links to all the various therapies we offer:


Alexander Technique


Bowen Technique

Chinese Herbal Medicine


Cranial Osteopathy

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Feldenkrais Technique

Herbal Medicine

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching


Hypnotherapy and NLP


Medical Acupuncture


Nutritional Therapy


Pre Birth Acupuncture

Pregnancy Massage




Spiritual Healing

Sports Massage

Vega Health Screening

Zone Face Lift Facial Reflexology

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