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Thai Yoga Massage by Jo Sorotos

What is Thai Yoga Massage?
TYM is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing form of bodywork that uses acupressure on meridian energy lines and therapy points, and flowing sequences of applied yoga stretches (as appropriate), to relieve muscular tension, improve energy levels, realign the body and promote a wonderful feeling of well-being.
It leaves the recipient lighter on all levels, relaxed and re-focused.
NB. Treatments are done fully clothed in loose comfy clothing on a futon mat (please bring yoga/gym clothes with you)

What problems can it help?
TYM is essentially a powerful re-balancer, bringing the individual into equilibrium so that issues are naturally resolved. Within this there are treatments plans which are highly effective for several specific problems including:

  • lower back pain
  • shoulder and upper back tension
  • neck pain and immobility
  • headaches
  • digestive problems/abdominal tension
  • tiredness
  • stress and being generally out of balance
  • high blood pressure
  • helping to cope with more serious conditions such as MS, emphysema, cancer treatment, lupus and Crohn’s disease.

Who is it good for?
TYM is suitable for a wide variety of people of all ages, size and degree of flexibility/health. Because of the range of techniques available the treatment can be tailored to very different needs and preferences. This includes Pregnancy Massage: Thai Massage is ideal for pregnant women – a strong, thorough massage can be given on the feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms, neck and head (avoiding certain contra-indicated points), primarily acupressure with stretches for the arms and shoulders, with the patient lying on her side.

Length of Treatment
TYM is a very thorough and comprehensive treatment which traditionally is 2 hours long. This is a fantastic treatment which has been described by a regular patient (a GP) as “like taking a Rolls Royce for a top-class service with all systems restored to optimum performance”.
As this is not always practical shorter treatments or 1hr or 1.5hrs are also available. They are still very effective with significant improvement experienced by the patient.

To book an appointment please contact Jo directly on 07980 586 538. Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a fee may be charged.

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