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Spiritual Healing by Kathryn Pannett

The tradition of Spiritual Healing is ancient and mention of it is made in very many religious and cultural writings. It does not however require specific beliefs for it to be effective.

At the beginning of a session, the healer connects to the energies of the earth, heart and divine light to channel these healing energies to the client through his or her hands. The healer might work in the auric field that is at a distance from the physical body, or if appropriate, actually on the body using a gentle and light touch.

Whilst receiving healing the client may feel a change in temperature, a tingling sensation, a feeling of relaxation or emotional release. These are often indicators that the energy transfer is taking place. Equally, some clients feel nothing at all during the treatment yet feel later on, that a healing has taken place. In either instance healing will be effectively received.

Various other techniques may be used to facilitate the healing process during the session, including the use of colour, sound, meditation and visualisation.

Each healing session will vary, and be in accordance with the needs and wishes of the client.

Spiritual Healing Treatments
Healing can be given whilst the client is seated in a chair or lying down and lasts for an hour. The client remains fully-clothed throughout.

If you would like further information please contact me on 07914 837 148 or have a look at my website www.katsreflexology.com
Kathryn practises at the Haelan Clinic every 2nd Thursday of the month from 3-6pm.
Appointments are also readily available outside of these hours. Please call for more information.
Cheques with a bank card or cash accepted only please; no credit or debit cards.
Cancellation policy 
If you have to cancel a session you need to give 24 hours notice or a fee will be charged.

For bookings please contact Kathryn on 07914 837 148 or email katpannett@hotmail.com


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