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Shamanic Healing at the Haelan Centre

Shamanic Healing
Using the most ancient, time tested techniques which have been found to exist across the globe, the work is carried out in partnership with Spirit and in tandem with the client.
Through changing their state of consciousness, the Shaman is able to petition their Allies in the form of Spirit for that which would most help you at this point in time. Having brought the cure to you, you then work on integrating it into your daily life through, for example, avoiding behaviours or through undertaking specific behaviours which are designed to empower you and to prevent the circumstances which allowed the difficulty to enter into your life from happening again.
Each session is unique, tailor made for you at the time when the healing is carried out. The work can take place on a physical, emotional and / or spiritual level.
Healing sessions tend to fall broadly within the categories of either helping to remove or undo something which is unhelpful or of helping to bring or restore something which is helpful and empowering. The overall aim of the healing is to support you in becoming whole (not perfect but whole,) having a sense of having more energy, of feeling more empowered and being more able to engage with life.

Journey work, taking questions to the Spirits for guidance, can also be undertaken on your behalf and, should you wish to learn how to meet with and journey to your own Spirit Allies, sessions to teach this on a one to one basis are on offer as well.


To book your session, please contact Yvette directly by email.


For Clinic times, contact details and information about the Haelan Clinic practitioners see The Practitioners page.

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