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Advanced Hypnotherapy by Beatriz Linhares

How Hypnotherapy Works
Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness. It's a state of mind that is relaxed, calm and lethargic. It happens so naturally that we're not even aware that we enter in and out of this state regularly throughout the day. We do this when we daydream or do something that is a habit, such as brushing our teeth or locking the front door. The conscious mind begins to wander and the subconscious mind takes over to protect us and keep us safe.

You cannot be persuaded to accept anything against your will. You are conscious throughout and will hear, understand and remember everything during and after the session. Your mind will reason with any suggestions that are made and you will never accept a suggestion that is not right for you and you can always say 'no'. You are aware, but very relaxed. This is called a 'heightened state of awareness'. Stage hypnotism should not be confused with Hypnotherapy.

Our brain has two sides. The left is our conscious mind which is logical and rational and in control. It deals with thoughts, intellect, decisions, language and perception. The right side is our subconscious mind; our irrational subjective mind that deals with feelings, emotions, memory, imagination, creativity, intuition and controls our autonomic bodily functions.

During Hypnotherapy we access and talk directly to the subconscious mind. To achieve this we need to bypass the conscious mind which dislikes changes and may create resistance. Various relaxation techniques are used to allow the conscious mind to relax for the subconscious mind to come forward.

During regression, with the use of various therapeutic techniques, the client is able to recall a memory or an event that is associated with the issue being addressed and effectively facilitated to achieve resolution and healing in that area. By accessing the subconscious mind in a heightened state of awareness we are able to communicate with it and facilitate a positive change.

Regression is a natural phenomenon and is experienced all the time, indeed even smell can instantly bring us back to a childhood memory.

Using the correct techniques it is a simple process to regress a client to any period in their life and to explore and resolve the memory involved in the birth of the problem. The conscious mind can then rationalize and resolve the experience revealed during a regression session and bring about a change of experience from negative to neutral or ideally a positive one.

After the session, the client may feel tired depending on what has been worked on, but a sense of release and relief is often felt. A specialist in regression hypnotheapy will make sure that after the session the client is left feeling a sense of peace or completion with the particular memory. If regression is not appropriate or desired by the client, suggestion therapy can be used instead.

Hypnotherapy is not advisable for those with severe personality disorders, Psychosis, Epilepsy or Schizophrenia.

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Can Hypnotherapy Help You?
Beatriz has a special interest in working with physical conditions which have an emotional basis or trigger to them. Stress and negative thought patterns can affect our mental and physical health. It is important to understand the cause in order to address the condition. By relieving symptoms alone, the cause can remain unchanged and this may show up later in other ways.

Regression Hypnotherapy aims at identifying the initial potential cause of a particular problem and to bring about resolution and healing.

People with conditions which are affected by an emotional cause, such as skin problems, bowel and digestive problems, nervous system disorders and even hormonal imbalances, can be seen by a Hypnotherapist.

Many issues can be addressed. People seeking help from Hypnotherapy typically come for fears or phobias of all kinds, emotional issues such as tension, stress, anxiety, worry, lack of confidence, guilt, depression, panic attacks, OCD, insomnia and nightmares. In addition others with tension headaches, teeth grinding, snoring, stammering, alcoholism, eating disorders, skin and bowel problems, IBS, weight issues, smoking, habits, lifestyle problems, relationship issues, fertility difficulties, chronic pain and stress related high blood pressure also seek help from Hypnotherapy.

Beartiz Linhares practices Hypnotherapy, Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Haelan Clinic.

To book an appointment please contact Beatriz directly on 07944 739 586. Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a fee may be charged.


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