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Hypnobirthing (CE Method)

Childbirth is a normal, healthy and natural process for women. It is what the body was designed to do. The bodies of healthy pregnant women instinctively know how to give birth just as they know how to conceive and how to nurture the baby they are carrying. CE Hypnobirthing allows mothers to connect with their own innate capacity to give birth gently and joyfully whilst feeling empowered and comfortable.

The natural childbirth movement was pioneered by Dr Dick-Read. In 1913 he was called to attend a woman in labour in the slums of the East End. He was about to place the chloroform mask on the labouring woman, which was the procedure at the time and rendered women unconscious (made popular after Queen Victoria), when the woman refused it. He was taken aback but watched as the woman gently birthed her baby. When he asked why she refused the analgesic she replied, ‘It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t supposed to, was it, Doctor?’ From his observations, Dr Dick-Read discovered that when labouring mothers are not programmed or limited by fear something wonderful happens that allows easier birth. The body fills with its own natural relaxants and allows birth to become the celebration of life it naturally should be. He had realised the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome which saw the fear of childbirth actually creating pain within childbirth.

If the birthing mother has any fear or belief that birthing is going to be painful, the body responds by going into a ‘fight or flight’ response. This response which produces a rush of adrenalin can slow down or totally disrupt the birth and greatly increase pain. Blood and oxygen are diverted from the uterus to other parts of the body in readiness for the fight or flight reaction. This causes muscles in the uterus and cervix to tense up. Contractions become painful and ineffective and the cervix tight and slow to dilate instead of relaxing and opening as it should.

Just as fear can interrupt the natural birthing process, the opposite is also true. Positive thoughts, visualisation, laughter and relaxation can help the body to birth freely, effectively and with fewer if any, complications.

The use of hypnobirthing has become widely known and used in maternity units as a means of achieving a natural childbirth. It is deeply relaxing and allows your mind and body to work in harmony, the way nature intended. Hypnobirthing is now exceptionally popular and is becoming the ante-natal training of choice.

During the CE Hypnobirthing course you will learn how to slip into relaxation and visualisation quickly and effortlessly at any time. You will learn and practice relaxation techniques to bring about a state of peace of mind which you can use throughout the birthing process to achieve not only a calmer, safer and more natural birthing experience but also greater levels of energy and faster recovery after the birth.

The CE Hypnobirthing Method is a course of 3 sessions (2 are attended with your birthing partner) that uses a combination of deep relaxation techniques, suggestion and regression hypnotherapy, breathing techniques and positive affirmations. The course also includes relaxation and visualisation scripts for use at home with your birthing partner and up until the birth of your baby. It is a tailor-made course to suit your individual needs. In the second session regression is offered to clear up any remaining fears or worries. This is best done on a one- to-one basis. The course is flexible to allow for your needs to be met and the regression session is not obligatory but recommended.

Using the CE Hypnobirthing Method you are more likely to experience a natural, calm and comfortable birth. You may not need any pain relief, have a shorter labour and feel more confident, alert and in control. Your birthing partner may also feel more actively involved. Your baby is more likely to enter the world drug-free and in a peaceful atmosphere. You will learn how to release fear and look forward to the birth with confidence and joy. Beatriz is a qualified Active Birth teacher and taught ante-natal, couple, post natal and baby massage classes for many years. She brings to hypnobirthing all the experience gained over those years to make it a unique, comprehensive and enjoyable course.

Beartiz Linhares practices Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Haelan Clinic.

To book an appointment please contact Beatriz directly on 07944 739 586 or call the Haelan Clinic on 020 8340 1518. Please note that 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or a fee may be charged.


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