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Astrology at the Haelan Centre

For centuries, many schools of mysticism have promoted the idea that the universe as a whole is connected. The idea is that, by studying the condition of one part of the universe, we can come to a greater understanding of another part of it, just as a doctor may study a sample of blood to determine the condition of the vital organs. This is perhaps most famously summed up by the hermetic maxim 'as above, so below.'
Astrology is one of a number of practical tools stemming from this philosophy which can be used to develop a greater self understanding.
The planets positioned at the time and the space where you were born each represent a certain part of you. For example, the planet Mercury represents, among other things, the way you think and communicate and the planet Venus represents, among other things, the way you seek pleasure and what it is that you value.
We can tell more about how these parts like to work and what they can do by looking at the sign that the planet is in, the way it interacts with the other planets in the chart, the areas of life that these planets are most active within and so forth.
Objectifying these parts of yourself, observing them as outside of yourself, gives you the most wonderful framework to delve deeper and deeper into your possibilities and to work consciously with how you would like to express these within yourself, your relationships with others and within all areas of life.

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